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February 2024's Newsletter

Hello students,

We're releasing the newsletter a couple of days earlier to help students prepare for upcoming changes. As mentioned before in our previous newsletter, updated rates are now detailed below, as well as our lion dance schedule, our Utah Jazz event & info on the virtual race for Forbidden Kingdom and Great Wall of China races:



The following changes will take place starting on February 1st:

  • Onboarding Fees for new students: $50 one-time

  • Testing Fees: White~Orange - $20 / Green - $30 / Blue - $50 / Red - $80 / Brown~Black - TBD

  • Uniform Costs: $80 + tax

  • Beginner & Kids Gongfu: $125/month

  • Advanced Gongfu: $140/month

  • All Taiji Classes: $110/month



For those wanting to sign-up for possible lion dancing, please follow our Jung Hing scheduling link HERE. While we appreciate all those looking to be a part of lion dancing, not everyone will be utilized. However, it certainly helps us to know who's available, so if you're trained in lion dancing from classes this month, don't be shy & sign up. Official calendar and poster of all events will be posted on our social media soon, so please follow us on FB & IG to keep up with our events if you just want to attend!

*SAVE THE DATE: On Tuesday, February 6th, until stated otherwise while we wait for final logistics from the Utah Jazz Event's Coordinator, please assume it's an all-hands event for Child & Advanced Gongfu students as this event replaces your Tuesday night class. Consider it your time to put that training to work & show Utah what gongfu & Chinese culture is all about. Beginner students - you are welcome to be a part of the event, but it's not mandatory. The event starts at 5:15pm & will go on until 7:30'ish. No - it's not a half-time show, rather an on-going cultural display of lion & dragon dancing in the concourse area between security and the stadium seating. Details are being finalized, but save the date!



Last chance! Sign up today to be a part of the fun!

Reminder - start tracking your mileage starting this Thursday, February 1st! If you need any technical help, please let Shifu. For all information, signing-up, app questions, please follow our previous newsletter by clicking HERE. Also, virtual races count towards sash ranking promotions, whether it's the 1-month Forbidden Kingdom or 2-month Great Wall of China challenge.

  • Sign-up & save 10% using the code listed in the newsletter

  • Join our community

  • Connect your phone to your running apps or manually start entering mileage on February 1st!



  • Did you know you can rent out our studio for your own events or birthday parties? Our upstairs VIP lounge is now complete. For more information, check out our page for details: LINK

  • We have new seasonal swag & gym bags in our store! Check it our HERE!




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