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Gongfu • Taiji • Self-Defense • Lion Dance
6980 S 400 W #3, Midvale, UT 84047
801-829-SHAO (7426) / Call or Text

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Feiyue Shoes - Black



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Silver Dragon Taiji Sword



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Gongfu Saber - Stiff




Sanda Sparring Gear
(Affordable/Slow shipping)


Feiyue Shoes - All Black



Taiji Sword

Competition Taiji Sword



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Gongfu Saber - Semi Stiff



Full sanda set.jpg

Full Sanda Sparring Set
(Expensive/Fast shipping)



Feiyue Shoes - Bruce Lee



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Long Quan Taiji Sword




Gongfu Double Sabers




Sanda Uniform
(Affordable/Slow shipping)



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