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At our academy, we take pride in training quality over quantity.

We want to ensure our school is the right fit for you. All sign-ups are sent to our team for review.

Absolutely no walk-ins allowed in our studio - appointments only.

Upon initial approval, you'll be sent information about try-outs.

Please fill out the Membership Intake Form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a Try-Out.

For all other General Inquiries not in regard to memberships, use the form below:

General Inquiries

*For lion dances, click here

Thanks for submitting!

  • What style of gongfu & taijiquan do you teach?
    We teach traditional northern-shaolin style gongfu (longfist style) - 30+ forms. For Taijiquan, we teach Old-Yang 108 Form and Wudang Sanfeng Pai styles - Taiji 13, Taiji 28, Baghuazhang, Baduin Jin Qigong, WuXin Qigong and Dong Jing Qigong. For Sparring, we practice under Sanda sparring rules.
  • I've never learned martial arts before... how will I even pass Try-Outs?
    Please don't be intimidated. Our Try-Outs allow Lei Shao Long and Shimu Shin to get to know you, what you want to focus on, your strengths/weaknesses and if your personality will blend with the already-strong school community we have. Lei Shao Long has trained hundreds of people and can quickly tell who will work well for the school and represent our gongfu family style. Be aware, we absolutely shut down pretentious attitudes and cocky individuality. The heart of our school is respect, discipline & humility - we work as a team to keep that heartbeat going. Many of our students have left their previous schools that enforce that kind of arrogant behavior, and we absolutely do not tolerate it. It's because of how we carefully select our students that our community is safe & strong, while still winning tournaments and state awards for martial arts schools. With that said, about half of our students have never learned martial arts before, much less have never been in a fight before, and we're proud to say every single one of them is still dedicated to their training at our school, actively spar/fight and learn the correct & traditional way.
  • Do you offer free trials, discounts or drop-in classes?
    No - we do not offer free trials, discounts or drop-in classes. We're a very traditional gongfu school, and as such, not everyone who wants to join will be accepted into our school. Our school was always created to carry the lineage of our masters - not to generate money. While our rates might be higher than typical gongfu schools, we can assure you that all of our students will agree that you will get what you pay for, and you'll be surrounded by like-minded martial artists that will help you excel. Our students are with us because of the quality, not because we're a bargain. We have a responsibility to ensure we only dedicate our time to train those who will be serious and stick to the training. We have full confidence that our model generates the highest quality students, as opposed to packing as many students as possible into one class. Classes are no more than 12 -16 people per class, so we're able to retain high-quality training between Lei Shao Long and his Disciples to the students of the school. While we understand students still want to see the kwoon and see if it's something they'd enjoy, we only allow those that sign-up via Try-Out and audition to come inside our school.
  • What's the earliest age you can take for the kids class?
    The youngest we can take is 8-years-old. However, please be mindful that it does not guarantee acceptance. We've noticed students who've barely turned 8 might still have a hard time adjusting to the rigorous and demanding training. As much as we'd love to train as many students we can, we have to retain small classes to keep the quality of teaching high. Lei Shao Long also still retains the right to let go of students if he feels they can't keep up with the training, respectfully.
  • Why does your school have strict acceptance policies?
    We follow the classical tradition that a gongfu teacher MUST accept the student. Our school is a private school, and no one outside of the school is entitled to our services. While we absolutely don't discriminate against age, sex, religion, disabilities and many other protected rights, we do retain the right to refuse service to anyone. We run this school as a passion & tradition - not out of necessity. It's because of our tight restrictions that we have won Best of State 2023 for martial art schools in Utah, our students live in a strong community, have the highest retention rates, have small & focused classes, win national & international tournaments, and learn everything they can from Lei Shao Long and his Disciples. We don't look for the students or like to be considered an option to shop-around - rather, students look for us. If our strict process just doesn't work for those looking to try our school, we can gladly recommend other gongfu schools we've worked with that would be happy to accept them.
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