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Jung Hing Lion Dance Club


We're a group dedicated to preserving and sharing Chinese culture through the ancient art of traditional southern lion dance. From the vibrant music, to the agile kicks and jumps of the lions, crowds love the energy our crew brings to celebrations.

Our school has the largest selection of traditional lions in Utah, ranging in all colors. 

We normally perform with 2 lions and 3 musicians; however, we can tailor our shows to meet your needs, whether it's just 1 lion or even our 9-person dragon.

For all performances, know that mid-day performances during weekdays will be hard to accommodate; all of our dancers work full-time outside of the club.

Please understand that we perform solely to continue our cultural legacy as a club, and unfortunately we won't be able to accept every request.

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, the grand opening of a new restaurant, a birthday or Chinese New Year, our team is ready - request a pricing quote below!

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