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April 2024's Newsletter

Hello everyone,

For those who follow us on Facebook, we're no longer active at the moment. Our account was a victim of random Facebook bannings; we're currently looking at getting our access back, though it could take awhile. However, our Instagram is still active for the time being.

For this month, the following classes will be focusing on:

  • Morning Taiji: NO CLASS IN APRIL

    • We are looking to build up the class before classes can restart with the minimum number of students needed to keep the class active. Please talk to Shifu for any questions.

  • Evening Taiji: Taiji 13

  • Beginner Gongfu: Lian Huan Ba Gun

  • Kid's Gongfu: Review month

  • Advanced Gongfu: Dragon dance training & reviewing San Cai Jian



From our Membership Agreement (that may have been signed a long time ago for some students), we'd like to review one topic that's banned. As we approach closer to voting season, we're giving a reminder that politics is one of those subjects.

Some topics that seem more obvious, such as religion or sexuality, are less likely to be brought up due to how private that information is, while politics can be a subject that may not seem as private. For some, it may be a fun topic or a form of proud identity. However, it's still deemed to be inappropriate at the school. Any discussion of banned subjects can cause your termination at the school. This rule extends to parents & family members as well, and includes inappropriate clothing displaying said subjects, worn by parents/family or those without uniforms.

While it may seem harsh, the reason we have certain subjects banned at the school is to maintain the school's neutrality with students and their families. We enforce these rules to provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment and help avoid discomfort and arguments within our school. Anyone who has had the experience of mentioning anything political with someone who doesn't agree with them can most likely agree that it can cause harm and even hatred within our walls. It's even caused division in families, unfortunately.

Our primary goal as a school is to provide students with the best Chinese martial arts training possible, regardless of religion, sexuality, race, gender, financial health or political affiliation. We'd hate to have any subject such as politics cause a division within our school. Outside our school, you're obviously entitled to live your life freely the way you want and be active in your own beliefs.

If you happen to hang-out with other students outside of class, I can't enforce our rules on you; however, I urge you to be very careful and exercise caution to prevent bringing any unnecessary discrimination with you that may cause further problems with other students, judging others or even create cliques, which can also lead to termination.

We view each other as human beings first and foremost - students who have a passion in our style of martial arts. Anyone that has been accepted to train with us deserves all of our knowledge, not parts of it. Our students train best as a team, unified in helping each other and looking out for one another no matter what. We simply can't do that when our personal lives get intermingled to the point that some students will view each other differently or look down on one another simply because our lives and beliefs are different.

We hope everyone understands, and for all my "Avatar: The Last Airbender" fans:

"The way of the sword doesn't belong to any one nation. Knowledge of the arts belongs to us all."

-Master Piandao



  • Remember Shifu/Shimu/Disciples authority in the guǎn. While we'll be at times fun & joking, we're ultimately not your friends to play with - we're here to train you. You must show respect at all times, i.e. following orders, saluting/bows, not challenging authority, not playfully attacking us, etc. This includes saying "No/I don't want to" if Shifu gives you an order that pertains to training during class. Any signs of disrespect is automatic grounds for getting expelled. We must maintain authority out of tradition and to keep discipline in check.

  • If you're watching your child during class, or if you're another student that comes early near the end of another class, PLEASE BE QUIET. Class is still in session and the students need to pay attention to the instructor...not your conversations or coaching from the sidelines.




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