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Gongfu • Taiji • Self-Defense • Lion Dance



Looking for a sport for your kid that is unique, physically active & fun? Learn Chinese Kung Fu.

We offer social-distant training in the studio, masks are required & sanitizer is provided. 

Our new classes have started - ages 8 though 12. They'll learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu (Gongfu), which focuses on hard work, staying in shape, discipline, a unique set of Chinese weaponry and more. Classes are limited to 10 students.

We're committed to make these classes engaging for your kids. Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6 to 7pm, right before the adult classes. For more information, request info.

Sign-up today! Classes are filling up fast.

Shao Long Gongfu, Taijiquan & Chinese Lion Dancing


Come learn what real traditional Gongfu training means - breaking your limits.

At our academy, we believe in combining traditional but forgotten training methods that have disappeared over time in common studios in the US, along with modern exercises such as yoga, sparring and cross-training to optimize students to healthier, stronger and faster artists.

We believe in hard work, training and culture - not afraid to push you to your limits and challenge you to become your best. The same training mentality of martial art academies in China is what we strive for. We've trained with the best high-profile martial artists to bring that same experience to you, straight from the mystical mountains of Wudangshan and the halls of the Shaolin temple. We're bringing China to you. 

We're the home to Utah's oldest Chinese Lion Dancing crew and training center. We're also Utah's largest Tai Chi Community and fully welcome all students from all ranges and styles. We are also the only school in Utah with our own advanced smartphone app to learn Taiji at home in Virtual Reality. We're committed to the arts more than any other studio. Feel free to contact us for any questions. We're waiting for you.  

-Shifu Lei Shao Long (少龍)

Chinese Weaponry spanning over 10 types of weapons
Only Certified Wudang Taiji Instructor in Utah
Utah's largest Taijiquan Community - over 1k members
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Creators of virtual reality Tai Chi - Tai Chi Trainer XR smartphone app on iOS/Android

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