Kid's Class Maxed Out /
3 Open Spots in Adult Classes

At this time, we're only taking wait-list applications for kids class. 

However, we have 3 open spots in our Adult Classes.

We try to keep the quality of teaching as best as we can and limit classes to just 13 students per class.

If you're still interested in signing up your child, ages 8 to 12, please signup and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for instant notifications.

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Gongfu • Taiji • Self-Defense • Lion Dance

Shao Long Gongfu, Taijiquan & Chinese Lion Dancing

Come learn what real traditional Gongfu training means

We're the home to Utah's oldest Chinese Lion Dancing crew and training center. We're also Utah's largest Tai Chi Community and fully welcome all students from all ranges and styles. We are also the only school in Utah with our own advanced smartphone app to learn Taiji at home in Virtual Reality. We're committed to the arts more than any other studio. Feel free to contact us for any questions. We're waiting for you.

Chinese Weaponry spanning over 10 types of weapons
Only Certified Wudang Taiji Instructor in Utah
Utah's largest Taijiquan Community - over 1.5k members
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Creators of virtual reality Tai Chi - Tai Chi Trainer XR smartphone app on iOS/Android

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