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Head Master

Shifu Lei Shao Long

Owner and primary instructor, specializing in Northern Shaolin and Wudang SanFeng-Pai Gongfu as well as Old-Yang Taiji

Yoga Instructor

Nicholas Zeman

Certified YTT 200 Ashtanga Yoga Instructor with over 20 years experience in various martial arts

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Coach Eric Marsh

Assistant instructor with over 40 years experience, specializing in Southern Shaolin Gongfu, self-defense and point sparring

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Yoga Instructor


Expect more talented instructors to be teaching at the academy.

Lion Dance Instructor

Jake Kwan Fitisimanu

Leader and organizer of Utah's oldest Chinese Lion Dance performing group - 

Jung Hing Lion Dance Club

Boys During a Gymnastics Practice
Agility & Gymnastics


Expect more talented instructors to be teaching at the academy.



Designed with the hard-working martial artist in mind, our studio trains for quality, not quantity. We're not in the business to promote as many students as possible. Rather, we want to train future champions, giving them a studio worthy to train in. 

Our open-space studio allows plenty of room to practice traditional Chinese weaponry, along with practicing the expected acrobatics of Chinese Gongfu with our premier marley-lined floating floor, 20ft gymnastic airmat and quality mirrors lining the wall. Dance companies, martial artists from other schools, or even yoga instructors needing hours are all able to rent our space by the hour.

We also believe in making our students stronger and practical in their training, so we offer a range of classes from meditation, Taiji, Gongfu and yoga, to modern pragmatic self-defense classes.

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Taiji in itself is a moving Qigong exercise; however, there are other types of Qigong exercises designed for specific health-benefiting reasons.

  • Daomen Baduan Jin Qigong - 8 short exercises Taiji practitioners should know to help their Taiji

  • 5 Animals Qigong - A well-known form designed to help your body naturally heal specific organs

  • Baghua Zhang - Advanced form designed to move in a circle around a target, single-palm style


Training in China has taught me many things, one of them being how hard they train. Standards are very high in Wudang, and if your goals are to get in shape and burn calories, my custom-designed cardio routines will put you through the same grueling training sessions at the Wudangshan academies.


Named "Grand Ultimate Fist", Taiji combines breathing, meditation, energy control and exercise.

Currently two forms of Taijiquan are taught (Sanfeng is the style of Taiji, originating from Wudangshan).

  • Taiji 13 - Original Sanfeng Taiji form, a short form, 7-10 minutes. With warmups, a 30-minute routine

  • Taiji 28 - Advanced form ranging 10-15 minutes; must know Taiji 13 to learn this form.

  • Old Yang 108 - A Yang style form from the Jung Hing lineage ranging from 20-30 minutes


​Designed more for those seeking discipline, strength, agility and self-defense.

  • Ji Ben Quan - Basic form every student should learn as a base for their training

  • FuHu Quan - Tiger form with low stances and quick strikes

  • Xuanwu Quan - Advanced form combining soft/hard techniques

  • Jung Hing Kungfu - My originating style from the Jung Hing-Pai with over 30 different forms


Incorporating traditional Chinese weaponry into a set routine, these weapon forms will give you an authentic training experience.

  • BaXian Gun - 8 Immortals Drunken Staff - Advanced form with complicated movements and fun stances

  • Fuchen - Horsetail Whisk - A traditional Daoist weapon symbolizing those who wish to become a Disciple

  • Xuanmen Jian - A fast sword form with tough low positions and powerful strikes

  • Jung Hing Shaolin Weaponry - Over 12 forms with:

    • Staff, Saber, Double Saber, Broadsword, Kwan Dao, Short Stick, Spear, Tri-Sectional Staff, Pu Dao​