Class 4 Recap & Basics Video

Everyone was happy to have an online reference for the first 4 sections of the form, and it was mentioned in class that a video detailing the 8 Basics would be very helpful, so as promised, here is a quick video of the basics. These quick videos are just for reference, and an actual fully-recorded video of all the basics and the form (with commentary) is on the way!

With all the directions I give about keeping your head straight, lowering the shoulders, focusing on your dantian, and so forth, I mentioned about tongue-placement. When performing any type of Taiji, it's important to rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. In order to do it correctly, you have to relax your jaw and let it hang slightly while you put slight pressure with your tongue. Think of saying "L". In Chinese medicine, what this does it allows your energy to flow back from your head back into your body, in correspondence with the meridians. A more in depth discussion about these meridians will be discussed in the next posting.

I mentioned to Sunday's Sugarhouse practitioners that the next seminar would be a 1-day meditation seminar covering Dongjing Qigong, a sitting qigong meditation exercise that focuses heavily on breathing, arm movements and pressure points. Once the details are ironed out I'll announce when this seminar will be available. It will be limited to how many people I can teach at one time, as we'll be focusing on 3 hours to learning the meditation followed with going out to dinner as a group. This will be in October.

In the meantime, enjoy the video.

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