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Sanfeng Taiji Jian

While Wudang is well known for its taiji in China, it's weapon of choice is the sword. Such is the staff to the Shaolin, the broadsword is to Wudang. There is a saying in China that "Wudang internal Kung Fu is as highly revered in the South, as the Shaolin External Style is respected in the north," and the sword is the soul of Wudang martial arts.

In this brief video, Sascha (from Germany) and Thi (from Australia) perform Taiji Jian. Such as being in school all the time, we often play pranks on each other and have fun when we can :) so when you see my friend horse-riding a stick and video-bombing in the background, know that it's all for fun. Enjoy! More videos to come.


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