Wenge Hardwood Bo Staff 2-section staff.


Description: This is a strong wushu stick made of super wenge hardwood with nice figure. Made of wenge - very strong and reliable. The stick can be disassembled into 2 parts that also can be combined together by the brass connection part, easy and portable.


Specification: The length from 100cm to 200cm.

                        length 100cm-120cm, diameter is 2.5cm.

                        length 130cm, diameter is 2.8cm

                        length  140cm-200cm, diameter is 3cm. 


Accessories: included a bag for free.


Brand Name: Lucamino
Martial Art Style: Kung Fu
Model Number: WSW90-300
unit: piece
weight: 1.0
Martial Art Style: Kung Fu
length: 100cm-200cm
diameter: 25.cm, 2.8cm, 3cm

2-section wooden staff

SKU: 32898023410

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